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Chicago: Architecture, Marketing & Creative Thinking

By on June 7, 2017

Last week I attended ANA’s Masters of B2B Marketing conference in Chicago and got uber nerdy on some local Architecture.

Let’s talk about the conference first. The best part was the workshop dedicated to creative thinking and idea generation. You guys know I love to geek out and talk about our brain’s creative functions. We learned creative brainstorming techniques and learned to look at things differently. I was completely immersed in creativity, thinking differently, and grinning ear to ear.

When I wasn’t learning about marketing and creativity, I was on a boat tour of Chicago’s history and architecture and loving the beautiful 70 degree weather. All sun with a gentle breeze. It was incredible.

Finally, I did the Tilt. If ever there was a gorgeous view of a city, that was it.

Chicago, you inspired me!

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