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But, what do you DO?

By on November 6, 2013

When I meet new people, about half of them have no idea what a graphic designer does. My initial response is that I visually communicate messages and tell stories. Of course, this is the artsy-fartsy graphic design nerd in me coming out and it only complicates and confuses the issue at hand.

Their response to my ridiculous answer is usually, “But what do you DO?”

That’s a great question. What do I do?

Well, I help create brands. Logos. Identities. I construct the face of a company. I take a message or an idea and try to design something that visually delivers that message.

It starts with a logo and trickles down to business cards, marketing materials, billboards, ads, posters, t-shirts and letterhead. It’s web sites, emails, headers and footers and powerpoints. It’s everything. It’s the desktop wallpaper on your computer and the label on your diet coke.

So when you ask what I do, I can’t give you a concise answer. It’s impossible. Unless you want my design-nerd version. In which case, I communicate messages and tell stories, visually.

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