Janae Newman: Graphic Designer


With over a decade of graphic design and brand management under my belt, I am looking for my next great adventure. I began my career as a catalog designer and have spent the last 8 years working as an in-house designer for a civil engineering firm, Olsson Associates. During my years at Olsson, I’ve been fortunate to design and oversee the production of various social media, print, digital, mobile and video projects.

I am truly passionate about multi-media and have always explored creative avenues. As a child, I spent countless hours cutting up my parent’s tv guides and gluing the clippings into notebooks to make my own “magazines.”

I’d like to say that I’m innovative, but the least innovative thing you can do is call yourself innovative.  Everyone else is saying that too. I strive to find a solution that goes further than the competition. My background in multi-media and my natural ability to solve problems has found me on various creative committees. There is something very fulfilling in finding a unique solution to a complex issue. I tend to be good at finding the holes in a plan and figuring out how to fill those holes, increasing quality and efficiency for my clients and teams.

In addition to my work on traditional design and social media, I currently manage Olsson’s corporate web site and advise our Corporate Communications team in the areas of SEO and analytics. I have found a niche area of expertise by creating videos and animations, most recently having taken the lead on videography for Olsson’s drone program. I recently worked with our technology team to create a series of digital kiosks in rest-stops along I-80 for the Nebraska Department of Roads.

I believe that my ability to communicate has allowed me to excel. I work well remotely, often communicating with project managers and contractors in other states. The consulting world is fast-paced and has sharpened my time management and prioritization skills.

So what’s next?  You tell me!  Call or email me today: 402.890.7046, janae@eksteindesign.com

View my resume here.

It's me, your friendly neighborhood graphic designer, Janae.

It’s me, your friendly neighborhood graphic designer, Janae.

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