Janae Newman: Graphic Designer


Genuinely passionate about graphic design and social media, I consider myself a multimedia specialist with a unique skill set. I spend my time crafting sharp materials that both my clients and I can be proud of. With over a decade of professional experience, I’ve combined my creative thinking skills with my direct communication style to establish myself as a pacesetter in the graphics and marketing industry.

When I’m not spinning wheels at work, I can be found hiking in the mountains and getting super giddy about craft breweries. I read everything and try to have one book for pleasure and one industry-related book going at all times. My husband, Topher, and I are big MST3K fans and we love music. I have a 9-year old stepdaughter named Kylee, a 1 year old pup named Jake and an 8 year old cat named Reilly who thinks he’s a dog. Together, we’re trying to take over the world.

So what’s next?  You tell me!  Call or email me today: 402.890.7046, janae@eksteindesign.com

It's me, your friendly neighborhood graphic designer, Janae.

It’s me, your friendly neighborhood graphic designer, Janae.

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